Welcome to Bennett Gynn Modelmaking - a commercial modelmaking company, specialising in high-quality architectural models for designers, developers and architects. With a dedicated and experienced team at your disposal, all of our models are built exactly to your specifications.

At Bennett Gynn Modelmaking we strive to provide a modelmaking service which will result in a model that forms a valuable tool for our clients whether it be for sales, planning or public consultation.
Typical modelmaking scales range from 1:1000 for masterplan and context models up to 1:12 for one off houses. Our models are available in a wide variety of finishes and materials, including white, pastel colour palette, full colour and timber. Our previous projects include sketchmodels, planning applications and intricately detailed sales models. Additional extras are also available, such as plot lighting for individual plot identification on larger models. We employ a range of modelmaking techniques including laser cutting, 3D printing, moulding and spray finishing to create our models.

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